Mental Slavery


Mental slavery

It is amazing the number of people that will blindly follow others. Never checking the facts themselves they just get in line with whatever they are told. It makes no difference if it is the truth or not. They don’t care who is hurt, what reputations are attacked without cause they just follow along.

Funny thing is like the slaves they are they are shackled to the lies and the smut they spread. Sooner or later it catches up. Truth has a way of cutting through the black fog of hate. No matter how many times the slave is shown the truth they cannot see it. They have gone blind to reason, to free will.

Like the Stockholm syndrome they begin to align themselves with their slavers. To emulate them and make them heros when all they really are are hateful people entertaining themselves with the suffering of others. They…

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  1. warturoadam77p · July 21, 2015

    This is true on many levels.

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  2. kimberlyharding · July 21, 2015

    I live with this in so many ways.

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