The ancient old cat

Wanda-wullzthecat 1932 alianariarchive Florence

Wanda-wullzthecat 1932
alianariarchive Florence

Brave little kitty, smart little cat

Wonder where you went

and what you are at.

Years ago so smiling and sage

Smart and a leader,

could rant and rage.

Now no more of you to be seen

Far underground hidden

Behind your smoke screen.

Tales of your woes and battles sneak out

Seems like you are trapped

Let around by your snout.

Don’t think we forgot you our dear little friend

We three felt a bit sorry

That it all had to end.

You chose your path among the ivy

never knowing it was poisoned

by spite and envy.

So trod carefully old friend and be aware

Of all that we hear

When people stop and stare.

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  1. Gale A. Molinari · July 17, 2015

    Reblogged this on Philosopher Poet with Dreams.


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