Stats dilemma

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

What do you get out of your blog statistics?

I can understand the follower number. That’s the easy post. Either you have followers or you don’t.

I can also understand the country counts fairly. I can see that people from many countries visiting my blog. And I can see which country who is topping the list.

The comments numbers are also rather easy to get a picture of.

But then it get tricky for me. Visitors, views and likes. They don’t match at all.

I can have double up in number if likes i comparison to number of views. I know that reader-views doesn’t count if you don’t click on the post and just press like button instead.

The visitor counting also have a weird system. Every visitor doesn’t count if I got it right.

So, my point is, what shall I do with the stats information? I can’t really…

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