This is Dedicated to the Troll I Love…

Art by Rob Goldstein

The Spirit of 76                        The Spirit of 76

This picture is dedicated to the little homophobe who sends me hate mail with the opening line, “I don’t have a problem with gays, but…”

Of course; you don’t have a problem with gays…

You have a problem with the fact that we won.

But we did…

So eat that fact, pink boy…Eat it raw.

We kicked your ass. Nothing you can do or say will change that.

We kicked your ass and we’ll keep kicking your ass until you finally figure out that no one cares about you, or your thoughts, or your tiny imaginary hate filled god, or his small-minded fixation on everyone’s genitals.

But I would be lonely if you stopped writing to me…

I like your hate mail.

It reminds me of the hate mail I got from the closet cases I had sex with in high school.

I guess I…

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