We know your secrets

Ghost of a murderess doll

Shhhhhhh she surfaced again;

She full of sin;

Of hate and boiling jealousy.

Filled with poisoned animosity.

Followed you there to your retreat.

Where you and your fellows meet.

To prove yourselves as sexy fiends;

Onto anyone your body leans.

Virtual heat where none exists.

Playing a game that no one missed.

We know your secrets now you see.

We know and soon will be;



Death and pain.

So nothing else will remain;

But a doll with ugly features.

Evil doings vile creatures;

To eat your heart.

and other parts.

Yes i am the Queen of Hearts.

Hahahahhaahhaa love this poem. You must do more!!!

Marilyn Munrow

queen mm

The Queen of Hearts, she met some tarts, who stalked her every day,

They went too far, and the Queen got pissed and chased them all away.

Then one day, the constabulary came by and took the tart trolls to jail.

But the judge said. “Off with their heads” but they ignored the judge, it failed.

So the Queen gathered her loyal friends to see the bitches were licked

She backed them into a corner and told them, go away or end up in the nick.

Of course they ignored it and one even pretended to be suicidal and sick

Well of course she is a narcissist and and could not see the wood for the trees,

She acted her part stupidly and the authorities brought her down to her knees.

See you cant fool a Queen for long, without repercussions, Karma is a calling

And when Karma knocks on…

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What the hell happened???

confused baby

I am so confused. Jeb Bush wants to phase out Medicare. Trump is now siding with Democrats. Obama is siding with Iran and seems to be running the government all by himself. At least he and the UN seem to be making our foreign policy for us. Obamacare is a confused mess. The IRS is a disaster area that I keep pouring money into. Our youth are hocking their entire futures to pay for an education. Many seniors are opting to not retire at all or work during retirement. Two parties run our government and those are run by billionaires that have no clue what a middle class person looks like. The public just goes along with it all and votes on party lines no matter how nonsensical that is.

Most of our manufacturing is being done in other countries because our government is making it more profitable for businesses. We used to be a country of immigrants that wanted to work and make a better life. Now it seems that everyone is sitting with their hands out waiting for the government to support them. An illegal is no longer illegal and entitled to the same benefits that people worked for years to achieve. There is no incentive for them to become legal members of society.

Can’t go to a movie, recruiting station, airport and a lot of other public places without fear. Shopping malls are replacing mom and pop shops and nothing is home made.

People work twelve to fourteen hours a day just to make rent and basic necessities.

A kid can’t go anywhere unless they are wrapped in bubble wrap and it is organized play. They will never know the joy of just running around until the fireflies come out and it is time to go home. Imagination has been replaced by organized play and thinking. The government is taking more and more of parenting out of parents hands. I got smacked sometimes and sometimes it was warranted. I survived just fine and even at this ancient age I can say my parents were right. I never questioned that they loved me and wanted me to learn how to navigate in the world. Now a parent lives in fear of being arrested if a teenager has a fit and calls the police.

Everyone is in their own little electronic, digital world. Conversation seems a thing of the past. Reading just for fun seems to be out of fashion and a lot of our youth get obese by living in basements playing video games.

No one dresses up for anything the whole world is casual. Including weddings and funerals. Poor me I never know which pair of jeans to wear. Are flip flops really appropriate for every occasion?

It is times like this that I am glad I am old. Being young in this new world must be pretty damned challenging.

What the hell happened?? Or is it just that the world is changing and I am not “with” it.

Hey Imagene. You seen this horses ass lately?

Hahahahaha oh dear now that is a real blast from the past!

Marilyn Munrow


Once upon a time there was a lovely lady called IMAGENE. She was invisible of course, as all heroines in Fairy stories are. hahahahahaha One day she had enough of being trolled and bullied by an evil ex Queen so she fought back. She planted a (fake) horses head in the bed of the evil troll to teach her a lesson. Oh and what a lesson that was. The evil Ex Queen was so paranoid about this horses head, that she thought it was going around telling all her enemies, which by this time she had a lot, about how she was being cruel and evil in the land. She got so obsessed that this Princess was real that she went into hiding and hoped that nobody would ever find her again. She was wrong. People did find her and they sought revenge, until now to this day she has…

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Dear Human,

The reality is we are all okay. You, me and the rest of this seemingly messed up world are deep down inside just fine.

I know that it doesn’t often feel like it, but feelings don’t always reflect truth. I know that what you see and experience doesn’t support what I am writing, but seeing isn’t always accurate. Every negative thing you see outward is a symptom of a faulty inner belief system. You do not see the spirit but rather the personality of a mind that doesn’t remember who was originally born.

Hate, cruelty, violence, prejudice, sexism and discrimination are all symptoms of thoughts gone astray.

We must learn to lay down our pretenses and the lies we believe about ourself and others. And sometimes the lie is that we don’t need each other. And other times it is that we need to prove something in order…

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