Being grateful

being grateful

Simple things are blessings in disguise,

And in this world it’s no real surprise;

That people don’t see it,

Don’t see grace and be it.

Clean water, fresh air,

All are grace for being there.

A hand to hold when things are hard,

little posy, greeting card.

Sight to see the lovely earth,

Dying peacefully, giving birth.

Illness are born with grace,

When we realize this isn’t a race.

No one is getting out alive.

None of us will survive.

So live with joy, grateful for every day.

Don’t forget that along the way,

Our path is strewn with flowers,

our life is made of hours,

That pass oh so quickly by,

and that each of us one day will die.

It’s not in the length of life we win.

not the presence or lack of sin.

But within life’s tiny part,

Of how we grew a grateful heart.


  1. Gale A. Molinari · June 27, 2015

    Reblogged this on Philosopher Poet with Dreams.


  2. mrsabbyj · June 27, 2015

    Reblogged this on mgwebbuddy.


  3. marilynmunrow · June 27, 2015

    Reblogged this on Marilyn Munrow and commented:
    Oh my goodness, this brought tears to my eyes and pleasure to my heart my wonderful friend. Thank you.

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  4. spartacus2030 · June 27, 2015

    Did you write this? How to live explained brilliantly! Most of us are in denial conserning our eventual demice. This hightens ones concern for their own mortality: how precious our time should be to us, and that we should never squander it. That last line really grabbed me! Great, sensible rhyming scheme, and iambic pentameter… This one gets an: A+

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    • Gale A. Molinari · June 27, 2015

      Thank you so much! I don’t consciously use any rhyming method they just come that way. My poetry is really pretty organic. Hard to explain


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