Anatomy of a Dog Forum Shit-Show

This gave me a giggle it is amazing how freaked out people get in these conversations.

The Dog Snobs

We’ve all been there, right?  When a seemingly benign thread on an online dog forum goes from zero to crazypants in 6 seconds flat.   Although it may sometimes seem like the mayhem comes out of nowhere, if you look carefully enough, there are a few universal steps that happen (often in rapid fire sequence) before a thread explodes.

1. Someone asks a seemingly benign enough question on a dog forum (These questions may in fact be the work of an advanced troll who prides themselves on stirring up shit or they may actually be some poor sad sack who has no idea what they’ve just started). Think “What type of food should I feed my dog?” or “What is the best kind of training?”. Pro forum users can usually spot these topic from a mile away and quickly run to get popcorn and something boozy while they wait for the…

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  1. eyes Of Odysseus · June 28, 2015

    This cracked me up!!! Loved the writing and the memes. Made me smile and laugh.
    Thanks for visiting, liking, and sharing our blog. Happy to have you as a connection.
    Hugs from your new followers,
    O and om. ♡


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