Mae West had it right


Mae west love herself

No woman should put a man above her men and women should be partners nobody should be “in charge”. Narcissists look for women that don’t value themselves and need a man to make them feel complete. Men who don’t value themselves or have had narcissistic mothers will look for those very traits in a woman and the narcissistic woman will hone in on it. Once caught you are the slave the less than nothing. The source of adoration for their over inflated egos. The cure for this is self love. Everyone should love and respect themselves because if you don’t how can you truly love someone else.

Ru Paoul love yourself.

Ru Paul has it so right. Being a man who portrays a woman and does a magnificent job of it she embodies the traits of both. Full of self confidence and glamour she is her own person. We should all be that way…

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