A match made in hell: Narcissists and HSPs

Yikes just yikes. Found this really scary. I do have to disagree with you as I think some narcissists are born that way. In doing research on avowed narcissists when an MRI is done on the brain the parts that work in others ie empathy etc. Do not fire in theirs. Our friend Sam is an example. I think both are sad and find each other. As a highly sensitive person I have had to push it down pretty deep to survive. Just lately I have tentatively started to tap into that part of me. My mother was bipolar so anything that sets me off kilter scares me. I am lucky as I had parents that did love me and give me the self esteem I needed to survive. I don’t know what I would have been without that. A wonderful thought provoking article once again. Thank you.

Lucky Otters Haven


Two of the hottest psychological topics on the Internet right now address two personality types that are virtually on opposite ends of the behavioral spectrum: narcissism/psychopathy (or more specifically, NPD), and HSPs (highly sensitive people). I think there’s some significance to this. For reasons no one seems to understand, Highly Sensitive People seem to be thrown together with Narcissists more than you would expect by chance alone.

Neither personality type is especially common: people with Malignant Narcissism (NPD) comprise approximately 4% of the population in the United States; HSPs comprise about 20% making them somewhat more common–though they may seem less common than they really are because they’re often hiding in the shadows and rarely call attention to themselves. Many HSP persons have learned to stuff their sensitivity and emotions because (besides having been shamed for it), high sensitivity doesn’t work very well in the narcissistic and materialistic society we…

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