3 Bloggers You Should Know

Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment. I think you give me too much credit you get so many new followers because you have a great blog. If I have made you more available to others that makes me happy. Thanks again friend.



I have been nominated for a challenge by: ‘Thumbup’ at – http://livelovelaughdotme2.com/2015/06/12/on-the-second-day/comment-page-1/#comment-17250 to come up with 3 Bloggers I would recommend.  In the past, I have recommended people for their blogging talents, and expertise on various subjects of interest.  We’re going to do things differently for a change: not that these people lack in talent or expertise at all.  I have chosen these people in particular, for their ability to be and make friends!  This is advantageous to anyone looking for some tiny bit of recognition amongst a sea of over 35 million bloggers!  Naturally, they are not the only ones.  However, it’s difficult to find them!  They truly enjoy reading other people and are the very asset that allows this community to grow and flourish…  They belong to that very illusive group we can truly call: ‘Friends’, and we need them like the air we breathe!  Next time…

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