Programming A Creative Mindset

Manilla Villa™

2015-11-6--Blog AtrractionIts easy to slip into despair and begin to program the mind with repetitive negative thoughts about yourself, about your life, and about your future. Unfortunately,gradually in time by accepting and believing repetitively negative thoughts you will see your life transform into a perpetual pool of sadness as you linger in a pit misery and despair.As you program your mind with “can’t” statements and flood your mindset with self doubt you will begin to see the universe around you respond with all the negative energy you emitted into your being and surrounding environment.However if one can conclude that if this concept of negative thinking works to fulfill continual negativity into your life, then this same concept should also in turn work in reverse. Hence, this leads to a question of alternation of this proposed opposite duality.

Would this very reversal of a positive mindset begin to put you on the…

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