Trojan Horse

Little Bits of History

Walls of Troy excavation* Walls of Troy excavation*

June 11, 1184 BC: Troy is sacked and burned. This was the date given by Greek polymath Eratosthenes. He was born in Cyrene in 276 BC and died in Alexandria in 194 BC. What he is most famous for is his mathematical calculation for the circumference of the Earth. He was also a geographer (after he invented the field), poet, astronomer, and music theorist. He was the chief librarian at the Library of Alexandria. His calculations led him to estimate not only the circumference, but the tilt of the Earth as well as its distance from the Sun. He invented leap day and was the first to draw a map with parallels and meridians. He also was the founder of scientific chronology and it was in that capacity that he came up with this date for the sack of Troy.

Troy had many names and spellings in…

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