Stop Cyberbullying Day, Friday 19th June 2015

Please join.

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SCD2015-LOGOStop Cyberbullying Day is an annual day where everybody can get involved and make a difference both on and off-line. The Cybersmile Foundation are asking everybody who cares about cyberbullying and online hate campaigns to join their growing movement for action against online bullying and to help them create a much safer more enjoyable environment for our children’s future.

You can get involved with SCD 2015 in many ways depending on how much time you would like to give. Ways to help range from helping Cybersmile to promote the day through social media, right through to organising fundraising events to be an integral part of their efforts. Everything you need is in the Stop Cyberbullying Day Information Pack.

Sign up to the Cybersmile newsletter to be kept up to date with all the plans for Stop Cyberbullying Day and much more, they don’t share your details with anybody and you can sign up here.

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