Abracadabrasite the truth about the bullying

Now if WordPress would only shut down her abandoned blog the tags with the defamation of all of us including me could be removed from Google. I have complained several times but to no effect on Google or WP so if any of you out there have a tip how we can get this crap shut down it would be much appreciated.


Many of you will know that a few of us have been bullied and libelled on here and FaceBook and had our personal information printed, all by a nasty, narcissistic sociopath who seriously needs help. She was urged on by her “puppeteer” and taught a few tricks with her IP address, but the truth abounds – we received a phone call from Essex Police yesterday confirming that this woman has been done for her nasty blogs. She cannot do this again to anyone else and that is what we came to WordPress to do. Having suffered Hell from this person we as a collective (I will leave the others to give them their details) have been working with the Police and are very grateful to Essex, Hampshire and Merseyside Police Forces for all their support and help;; also to Victim Support who are amazing. To those of you who believed…

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