Cinderella, what happened next.

Some Prince Charming. Cinderella seems to be a bit on the thick side doesn’t she?


Once upon a time a year or so after the wedding of Cinderella and Prince Charming things were not as Prince Charming had thought. Cinderella turned out to be a narcissistic sociopath obsessed with a new-fangled contraption called the Internet and Prince Charming began to see the ugly sisters as not so ugly, well one of them called Virginia and he had a very “over-familiar” relationship with her. Realising this internet lark was great for everything Prince Charming behun sending sexy texts to her and women all over the realm and even further away in the land called the United States of America.  Cinderella was busy bullying to notice her beloved Prince was sexting other women and charming them instead of her.

Now Cinderella’s second ugly sister  was living far from the realm in a new Country called Australia and in fact the Australian’s had decided (thinking a relation of…

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