Alice in Wonderland

Pathetic little Alice.


Screenshot_2015-06-06-10-45-05Once upon a time a girl of maturing years had a dream. Like many girls, her dream involved a handsome Prince and true love, you know thevwhole happy ever after gig?  This girl’s Prince was handsome in her eyes and when he proposed marriage,  her happy ever after seemed to be coming true so when he got cold feet on her “big day”  she felt her world falling apart. Somehow she persuaded him to go ahead with the wedding,  thinking she could make it perfect but after a while cracks began to show. One day Alice and her Prince had a visitor from a friend called Lynn and Alice had the weirdest dream that night. She dreamt that her Prince drugged her so that he could do “things” with their guest….different to the original fairytale.  Strangely, Alice woke the next morning with such anger that her life aim became  a…

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