Working at a psychiatric ward

I think the problem with psychiatric treatment is the person is forgotten. For years, I thought my mother’s bipolar, schizophrenia was exacerbated by her menopause. No one would listen to me. That was nearly 50 years ago. Now they realize the role hormones play in the brain. She suffered for years. There was a person there once upon a time electric shock treatment took a lot of her away. Kind of a shame but I realize that overworked people have little time to take that into consideration. Very sad.


The last months I have worked as a psychologist at a psychiatric ward. I must say I find this a bit challenging, since I have often spoken up against some of the treatment given there. I find the concept a bit hard to swallow, even if I see that sometimes it really helps people to be at a place where they can start rebuilding their lives. Sometimes life gets so hard that you need some extra help to get back there again. But the problem is: I feel there is so little focus on psychological treatment while they are there.psychward

The focus is often on medication when the therapist have their “talks” with the patients, or trying to find the correct diagnosis. This is very important, but I sometimes think we could do more. We have many people working at a psychiatric ward: Nurses, doctors, psychologists, social workers, physiotherapist and…

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