Here Comes The Parade!

I think we are in a lot of trouble. In my opinion there are very few patriots left and most of those haven’t a chance in hell of getting in.

Desert Musings

Well, Rick Perry, former governor of Texas has jumped into the race for the presidency. And America yawned again. Perry becomes the tenth GOP candidate for the White House…most of whom are as exciting as a bucket of tepid spit. And the parade has just started. In as little time as two weeks, that number can swell by over 50%! Jeb Bush plans to officially throw his hat into the ring coming up. So is Donald Trump.

By the time this field is fully announced, there will be 15 to 18 candidates on the GOP side along. The Democrats could have as many as five with the entrance of former Republican senator and Democratic governor from Rhode Island, Lincoln Chaffee. And quite frankly, there really isn’t a viable Democratic candidate…even Hillary isn’t that great as her numbers are starting to prove!

Over on the Republican side, you’ve got Jeb Bush…

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