Growing Up, Gratitude and the Griefer’s Game

I just made 500 Followers one of the reasons I did was OM. I am sorry he left he made all of us more comfortable with blogging and I think helped make some of us better writers. We do not have that any more as OM has left for his own reasons. I have seen the kind of hate he was subjected to. It is beyond me why people are like this. Beyond me what anyone could get out of it. Anyway. OM if you are out there or peeping in we all miss you. You really made a difference too bad that is at an end. Who knows how many other really good blogs you could have helped develop. It is some legacy.

The Oddity Writer

Yesterday, the final nail was placed in a metaphorical coffin, when influential blogger Jason Cushman left the blogging scene.

Harsh Reality January 3, 2013- April 2015 Harsh Reality
January 3, 2013- May2015 A few days before hand, Jason (better known as Opinionated Man or OM)had closed his site to the public, changed his privacy settings so that only he would be able to access his site. This was done, according to Linda G Hill‘s email from OM himself, so that he could eventually delete the website.

And this is where I break off my journalistic tone and I just speak withmy own voice now. Because I’ve fulfilled my duty, I’ve told you all the facts. But I haven’t finished saying my piece yet.

Where to begin? I guess I would thank OM- no, Mr. Cushman, since he’s older than I am, he deserves that respect- for everything he’s done for all of his followers. He would…

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  1. Joanne Corey · June 7, 2015

    It’s so upsetting that someone would go after him and his family in real life. Although I will miss his presence as a blogger who did so much to help and advise others, I hope that shutting down HarsH ReaLiTY will bring peace and protection to all of them.

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    • Gale A. Molinari · June 7, 2015

      I doubt it. These kinds of characters live to do just this kind of thing. I have seen several leave Facebook for the same reason. I don’t get what satisfaction people get out ot forcing others off social media. You don’t like them? Unfollow or block. Attacking someone personally or their family is about the lowest a human can go. Maybe he will get his own medicine because sooner or later he will attack the wrong one. Someone even more malignant and vicious. I hope that is very soon.


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