When we Go Into in our Cave for Self Preservation

Very wise words. I find it necessary to retreat to recharge as people wear on me after awhile. I like people but they can get to be a bit much. A lot of us are like that. So if someone declines an invitation be understanding. It isn’t you, it could be they just aren’t up to anyone at that time. Some need time alone to heal as well.


Human connection is needed for each of us. There are times when there is an urge to self isolate, but there the need for connection does not leave.

At times we feel injured in some emotional way. Sometimes it helps to be around people and talk about what caused the injury.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding a mental, psychological and emotional injury, we do not always get relief from interacting with others.

There are things that happen sometimes that affect us deeply, due to both the nature of the injury and also the past injuries that are triggered by it.

It is really a unique injury to us and we do not see any way to share or express the pain.

The worst thing is for someone to minimize our feelings and tell us that it does not seem that bad to them. That can have the result of retraumatizing…

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