Hello, Old Friend… And God What a Cliche Title

Has to be hard to deal with. I hope it passes soon for you. So unfair that people get these bouts of depression when they want to do so much. I admire you for realizing it and dealing with it with such grace.


Here it comes again: that unsettling, familiar shift signifying depression. As a bipolar I’ve gotten to the point where I can feel the shift between mania and depression, and it makes me irritable and aggravated. It started a little bit during my first camping trip of the summer this weekend, looming in the back of my mind, made better only by yoga, incense, plenty of hikes and cold swims, and great friends all inflicted with various mental disorders who can make me laugh like no other. But when I finally returned home, the past two days I have known it is here.

Since I have Bipolar II disorder, for me the depression is massively noticeable (as if it wouldn’t be anyway) and hits me like a cab driver slowly crushing me under tire during noon cramp traffic in New York Time Square. Or something like that.

It was even difficult…

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