WordPress Stats And Opinionated Man

Hunting for answers anyone hear anything?

A Momma's View

Is it just me or does anyone else experience very weird stats today? While I believe the number for the amount of views I highly doubt that only 1 person has visited the blog today. Especially checking where the views come from… There are 12 different countries…

Seems like WordPress might have an issue?

Also: Has anybody seen OM recently? I realized that there were no posts showing up in my feed anymore and thought I might have “unfollowed” him “by mistake” again (which would not have happened!!!). When I wanted to check his site (for which he had already granted me access as a viewer a while ago) I was no longer able to access it. I sent another request to be added but haven’t heard anything. I appreciate his posts, like reading them and admit that I miss them showing up on my feed. Anyone?

I know that

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