Diversity tree hands pattern

Diversity tree hands pattern

What make a community I wonder. Our dear friend Jason Cushman has closed his Harsh Reality – Opinionated Man blogs. He didn’t make an announcement he went quietly. People started realizing that there was something missing. Something spicy. Our little Word Press community had a hole in it. A whole that started a tidal wave of caring. Soon people were sending out messages and blogs. Where is he?

You see a lot of us baby bloggers were brought up by Jason. He taught us the ropes, made us feel like we really could do it. We could blog and have people read our stuff. Our opinions counted.

Was he controversial? Hell yea he was. The funny thing though about controversy is that it makes people think. Makes people get up on their hind legs and fight it out verbally. I suspect he totally enjoyed the sparring with people that had good minds and could make a good argument.

He had a very successful blog he should be very proud of and all the little blogs he started some of those became real writers. Even if they didn’t they could feel they were worth reading and continued writing.

You don’t realize that you become a part of a community until one of the integral parts goes missing.  You could always count on Jason to get things going. Get people thinking, writing and arguing. We will have to do that for ourselves now. He is one of a kind.

Who knows maybe he will return. Maybe he won’t. All I know is that I learned a lot from my friend Jason and I appreciate our little community and all the wonderful people in it.

Thank you, Jason and all our fellow bloggers. Jason, it was a great ride. Hope you decide to take a seat on the roller coaster again. If you do you know where to find my little blog that you were in part responsible for being here.


  1. wildero64 · June 4, 2015

    This is how I feel.

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  2. Jorda · June 6, 2015

    Reblogged this on Jorda's Blog.

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  3. Thumbup · June 6, 2015

    He also was kind. To me.

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    • Gale A. Molinari · June 6, 2015

      He was kind to most of us. He was opinionated. Duh that was the name of the blog. Also made us think. I have to go elsewhere now for ideas. Miss him a lot. Who knows maybe he will miss us too. Bet he is watching!

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      • Thumbup · June 6, 2015

        Yeah for sure.

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  4. Opinionated Man · March 28, 2016

    Reblogged this on A Good Blog is Hard to Find and commented:
    Very kind Gale! I think these words and thoughts still hold true for many of us here on WordPress. -OM
    Note: Comments disabled here. Please visit their blog.

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  5. Barb Caffrey · March 28, 2016

    He’s back now, which is a good thing. (I found your blog today because of his reblog.)

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  6. Janice Wald · March 29, 2016

    Jason gave me my first guest posting opportunity. I am a huge fan.

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