Why do women let guys lie to them?

guys lying

Sadder are the women that pretend that their men aren’t lying. They ignore all the signals. In this day of sexting, internet liaisons and easy sex it is very easy for anyone to cheat. However, anyone who cares about their partner and their own pride won’t cheat or lie. If you have that in a relationship it isn’t a relationship. Relationships are about trust. Some women think they can’t get anyone else. The men in their lives often times reiterate it. Look in the mirror. Do you see a woman that is being lied to? Abused? Mentally manipulated? If so own up to it and get rid of the relationship.

Anyone who lies makes it a habit if they lie about others they lie about work, family and other important things. Bottom line. If someone cares about you, they don’t lie to you. That is true in friendships and love affairs. You deserve better.

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