We need less of political rhetoric and more patriotism.

Political parties Washington

The election isn’t until next year but already the nasty, hateful political posts are beginning. The Republicans if you are to believe their detractors hate the poor, only interested in money and are war criminals. The Democrats are weak, liberal and could care less about America. How about looking into each candidate and making an intelligent choice based on what they stand for and their past actions?? Hmmm? Ignorant posts are being made all over Facebook that are laughable if the fate of the country wasn’t at stake.

Don’t people care anymore about the laws that are passed? The same idiots and self-serving rich guys of both parties keep getting voted in. Now campaigns are in the billions, not even millions. A regular person that cares about this country hasn’t got a chance in hell of being elected. Our outdated systems ensure that even if the popular vote is higher the electoral vote is what counts. Why? We don’t take two weeks on horseback to elect officials anymore. Voting is instantaneous or would be if states would get themselves together. Internet voting should be allowed. If a person is legally registered why can’t a vote be cast on the web?

Please, people, look further into who will be running your country. Just because a guy has been in office isn’t a reason to put him back there. Look into the honesty of the person you are voting for. If they constantly lie do you really want them making YOUR laws??

carlin selfish citizens

Get active if you care that much. Stop reposting ridiculous claims on Facebook and other social media sites. I would love to see all political parties abolished and direct voting commence, but that will never happen with the lobbyists and the complacency of the American people.

Jefferson abolish government

So when they pass law that infringe on your rights, have an Internal Revenue service that is out of control and you pay at least half your earnings to support all this I hope you remember your precious parties. What have they done for you. I think you will see that they have done nothing. You have been fooled by foolish rhetoric and swallowed all of it.

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