Life Lessons

When you stop learning you are dead.

Dream Big, Dream Often

From my experience in life I can testify to the fact that those that progressed, advanced, succeeded, etc. were those that did not act like they knew everything.  As a matter of fact, they were the single most annoying person to be around.   I have spent considerable amount of time in deep contemplation about this topic lately and have come to a conclusion: acting like you have life all figured out and you do not need nor ask for help or advice is a treacherous row to hoe.

It wreaks of arrogance and conceit and is NOT confidence in any form, shape or fashion!!!  Let me repeat myself…acting like you have life all figured out and that you do not need anyone’s help is not confidence!  Practice humility and seek out those with more experience.

This article talks about why not having everything completely figured out is okay!

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  1. amommasview · June 3, 2015

    He totally nailed it and you too with your comment on the reblog!


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