Afraid of Robots Taking Your Job? You Should Be - by F. Kaskais

Adult pretty woman stylish portrait. Skin texture savedby Nick Romeo

A robot did not write this latest book about the gradual takeover of the job market by intelligent machines, but give them time. Meanwhile, automation is both blessing and curse.

In Rise of the Robots, a new book that predicts machines and computers will replace a massive number of human workers throughout the economy, Martin Ford sometimes supports his unsettling argument with a particularly clever technique.

He describes someone performing an intricate task, such as sorting a jumbled heap of boxes in a warehouse by size, color, shape, and markings, only to reveal that this someone is in fact a robot. The box-sorter, for instance, is a product of Industrial Perception, Inc., a Silicon Valley start-up.

Later in the book he excerpts several paragraphs from a news story on a Boston Red Sox game that gives an unintended new meaning to the phrase digital journalism: the…

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