Unknown Artists and Social Media

Telmo miel in Italy street art

Telmo Miel Street Art Italy

One of the most wonderful things about social media is the platform it gives for unknown artists. Sculptors, painters, writers and others can show their art to a wider and wider audience. Every day I see another astounding work. It is truly amazing and adds so much to every day life.

These are works by two artists that are friends on Facebook. They are only a few among the many. Amy Estep from Lousiana does a lot of works for our rescue auctions. I have two of hers and love them. This is one of her works.

art Amy Estep


Another artist I discovered today and find his work absolutely fascinating his name is Kevin Merck from Georgia.

art Kevin Merk cup


There are thousands of wonderfully talented artists here on Word Press and also on Facebook. All genres are represented and you can find any kind of art on social media. Take a stroll around. It is all like a living museum.

Today we are so lucky to be able to share one another’s work and appreciate the beauty the human mind can imagine. Wouldn’t it be a fabulous Earth if we could all share art and ideas instead of hatred and weapons?


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