It just amazes me how people think things are about them, have no understanding of what is going on then get offended. Seems like just about anything today can offend someone. If you have an opinion different from someone else that is offensive. Tell a joke that might be construed as a bit off color? Offended. Wear something that someone else doesn’t approve of. Yup offended. Can’t have a political discussion or post something that is in the least bit controversial without someone getting their knickers in a twist over it.

knickers in a twist

Why do we take ourselves so damn seriously? All this being offended and politically correct is taking the spice right out of life. Everyone has to think the same? Dress the same? Have the same political opinions? Same religion? Be a homogenized glop? How boring will life be when that happens.


Without difference, we learn nothing. Without controversy, we don’t think. Without tolerance, we dumb down and annihilate innovation and a better society. I suggest that we all calm down and listen to other people. If you don’t agree that is fine it is actually wonderful. Now go and figure out your argument and let the other person consider it. Then we all learn and we all get along.

arguing children

Could we also act like adults and stop personal attacks?? Those belong on the playground with the nine-year-olds not in an adult conversation. It offends me 🙂

lady clown


  1. Erica Herd · May 12, 2015


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  2. ally1lakeside · May 12, 2015

    Very well said Galesmind. Reblogging

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  3. marilynmunrow · June 30, 2015

    Reblogged this on Marilyn Munrow and commented:
    It offends me too. Idiots who cannot grow up to live like adults. But there will always be some sugar.

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  4. Gale A. Molinari · June 30, 2015

    Of course there will but we don’t have to follow like sheep and be afraid of expressing on opinion or making a joke. It has gotten way out of hand. thanks for the reblog!


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