Standing Tall


The Oddity Writer

I generally don’t like writing these, to be honest.

Hello, everyone. I apologize in advance, but a little recurring problem has popped up… again. And I’m writing this little post in order to address some negative WordPress activity that has been bothering me.

But before I get started, I want to set something straight.

I believe in the WordPress community. I see it as a friendly, creative place where everyone can express themselves and inspire one another. I don’t believe that this troll is reflective of the community as a whole because I’ve met so many amazing people on WordPress. I’ve talked before about how you guys have introduced some faith into the potential that humanity holds.

Credits: …Okay, it’s corny. But you get what I mean.

To quote a previous blog post that you can read here to get some context in the situation: “They (you guys) are heroes to…

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