Note from a Non-Smoker to Those Who Smoke

I used to smoke, two packs a day as a matter of fact. I quit not only was it bad for my health it got really expensive and smelled. I did, however think of others. I am glad I live in a city where smoking is very uncommon and regulated. I not longer get my clothes burned by careless smokers and flying ashes or have to air my clothes out from the smell of smoke. It really doesn’t take that much to be considerate. I would also ask those that are so fond of scents they drown themselves in it to stop. I have had meals completely ruined by someone that was reeking nearby. Really folks consider others when you are doing anything like this. Being considerate isn’t limited to smokers. People who talk on cell phones like they have to scream to the other country to be heard are also ridiculous. Just be thoughtful folks. PLEASE!!

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  1. amommasview · May 9, 2015

    Well said!

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