Is it just me…

I don’t think it has been increasing they have always been there. I had one troll even follow me here but she must have gotten bored as Word Press people don’t usually play those games. Facebook gives a bully pulpit for every lunatic out there and they say some really awful things about people. I defended a friend against this one and got attacked for it. Oh well. I am still on Facebook and have it blocked. I really don’t care what people say anymore. People can be my friend follow me or not. If you have a viewpoint or have something they don’t (success in your friend’s case no doubt) you get attacked. Best idea is to ignore and block them and go on about your life they aren’t worth bothering about and arguing and fighting is their oxygen. Don’t feed the fire.

Have We Had Help?


Is it just me or have the rest of you noticed the disturbing increase in the number of thoroughly nasty individuals appearing on all social media sites lately?

If like myself you have the effrontary to raise your head above the parapet, by that I mean, advertise the fact that you are an active writer, by advertising your work or even supplying the link to blog posts like this one on any social media site, inevitably you will be attacked by someone who simply loves to hate. Sounds completely crazy I know, but we’re not talking about normal people here, instead I refer to the totally unhinged, common or garden, lesser spotted internet troll.

These days as a writer you fully expect it to happen sooner or later whenever a book you have written is published, especially by those who make it their personal business to pounce and attack from…

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  1. ally1lakeside · May 9, 2015

    Oh you are so right. Some people think their opinion is the only one that’s right and bully those who dare to disagree. Our troll has gone quiet and life is good but people need to realise nobody has to suffer bullying nor worry about becoming a target.

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    • Gale A. Molinari · May 9, 2015

      She went away because this isn’t Facebook and people don’t tolerate bullying here.

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      • ally1lakeside · May 10, 2015

        So true. She must be kicking herself for coming on here because being linked to Google, all the things she wrote here are filed as libel and the Police have more jurisdiction here. All her spouting off that she proved stuff we had done due to our UP evidence (which we hadn’t so she made fake evidence) yet she was so full of anger she didn’t realise she left her own trail of evidence lol. Not very bright was it?

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      • Gale A. Molinari · May 10, 2015

        She had no idea.


  2. Jack Eason · May 9, 2015

    Thanks fir the reblog Gale 🙂


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