How we identify ourselves

Funny how that happens no matter your heritage it still is your own soul that determines. I am WASP which of course means that my family came here generations ago. Probably escaping some crime or something or had nothing left in the old country. I was raised Methodist, my family was Dutch reform and I converted to Catholicism when I married my husband. I practice none of the above. Not real fond of organized religion I guess I just like thinking for myself. I identify myself as a free thinking American married to an Italian. Funny I have had more of an affinity towards the Italian than my own family but I was married at twenty. I have spent most of my adult life around them. I feel most at home with them. Could be as a military brat this was the only place I put down roots. Interesting question.

gnawing on a bone

They say when conversing avoid three subjects, religion, politics and sex , so for one of my first blogs I figured I’d discuss religion as a cultural identification…Here goes..Many of us identify ourselves through a nationality, color, tribe, sexual orientation and sometimes religion…I guess we do this for various reasons, perhaps to garner a place of belonging, a loyalty to our ancestral heritage and on and on..Let me start by saying, I have done a great deal of research on my family genealogy….To begin with, my Gr Gr Grandmother was a full-blood Cree Indian making me like 1/32 Native American and nowadays even though that makes me 31/32 something other than Native American. That would be enough for many folks to identify themselves as “Indian.”At least it would be here in Oklahoma…For some reason I never even considered it as anything other than a small part of my heritage…The wife…

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