Hello world!

My good friend and new blogger! Welcome! I think you will like it here. I think you will find much more here than yuppies and milleniums. I know I don’t fit either categories!!

gnawing on a bone

My first blog…and to think, only yesterday I hadn’t a clue what a blog was….Just a vague term describing some weird way yuppies and millenniums communicated nowadays…..Well, here I go jumping feet first into the 21st century..Reminds me of when I took my first and only selfie….Anyway, when I have something woefully unprofound to say I’ll be back to say it and maybe just maybe someone will join me and we’ll “gnaw on the bone” as my grandpa used to say when referring to shooting the chit with others………..

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  1. moi · May 8, 2015

    What’s a millenium?


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