A real Christian

Jesus real

Real Christians don’t go around judging others.

Real Christians love all their brothers and sisters equally.

Real Christians do not condemn others.

The idea that the name of Jesus a man who lived so others could follow his example didn’t discriminate or refuse to cure others because of their beliefs or who they loved is used to discriminate is really misguided. It is sad to see people using his name as a defense when attacking others. If you don’t believe as others do then that is fine. We all don’t have to agree but condemning others in his name is just wrong. Sorry that is the way I see it. I doubt very much when he was passing out loaves and fishes that he asked who they loved or how they believed. Perhaps REAL Christians should follow his example.


  1. emmyrosebell · May 2, 2015

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  2. Thumbup · May 4, 2015

    YES! I don’t understand why churches mostly preached from the old testament? Didn’t the dude changed the rules? Like old one, an eye for an eye and he said turn the other cheek? Didn’t he said not to worry about what you put in your body but to worry what you bring out of yourself? He had respect for women and love for the children? There’s more but right now I can’t remember. But I do know that I like this dude.


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