“No matter what people tell you,words and ideas can change the world.”-Robin Williams.

Brilliant scene

Disrupted Physician

“No matter what people tell you,words and ideas can change the world.”-Robin Williams..

“I stand upon my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way.”

-John Keating (Robin Williams)

Dead Poets Society

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Divorce sometimes it is for the best

divorced at last

It is over and done

No one has won.

But it is ending the pain

the never ending refrain.

Of living in hate

So before it is too late,

Go on get out

When there is no doubt

That it is over.

Nothing left of love.

Why hang on so tight

With all your might

To nothingness and fear

Nothing else to hold dear.

If the love is no longer there.

girl with man dangling

Just to dangle in the wind

Accuse of who sinned?

woman in champagne glass

No more contained

or held and restrained.

Break the shackles it is time

To remember and remind

That you are one, not two

And for all you do.

That it isn’t wrong

Walk away for it is done.

For Poetry’s Sake 

Poetry is painting with words.

Wuji Seshat

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For Poetry’s Sake

The urge to write poetry
Is inborn, like prophecy
Not all poetry wants to
Be storytelling, or rhyme

Or sound like other poets
We might have heard or ignored
Neither does poetry require a topic
Or a message, it can be

Just a matter of lovely language
Just beauty on the stray and loose
It doesn’t need to suffer
For the page or owe the pen anything

Poetry is of so subtle a spirit
We might as well discuss with our soul
What to write next, it’s learned
Through decades of loving

Words and having an itch
To write when nothing else is going on
Speculative metaphysics and art?
Try poetry, and unremember your life

Create layers on top of memory
Write poems, create destiny
Out of the fictions of your mind
It’s like a spell and a sacred hearing

Learning poetry by heart is then

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