Ralph the Gargoyle

Just in time for the summer this warning for the gnomes among you.


Ralph the Gargoyle

Ralph the house gargoyle. He likes his comforts and refuses to go out until the summer.


Thanks to Austin I decided to share the story about my gargoyle Ralph and his brothers.

This is Ralph he is the house gargoyle. His brothers Larry and Curly are outside cringing in terror since the garden gnomes ate their brother Mo. They are the outside gargoyles that protect the house. You can see from the snow invasion what real chicken shits they are.


Luckily the hit man Godzilla got them and carried them off. I may have to fire Larry and Curly and hire on Godzilla full time. Then the gnomes won’t be killing anything more off including my girlscout cookies. They have been mauling the thin mints.


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