Old lady having fun

Giggle this made me laugh again so I am reblogging it.


old lady with pot

Getting older isn’t all bad it can be entertaining.

I like to go to computer stores and ask about computers. Love getting the geeks that think anyone over 40 is an tech idiot. I particularly like calling help lines and asking where the ANY key is.

Ever see a young person twitch? Use some of their phrases or attempt to rap. Men over 70 can really make them crazy just wear your pants the same way your grandchildren do to pick them up at school. Grandma can show up in shorts or low cut tops.

Give your seat on a bus or a subway to a younger person.

Do any kind of dancing in public.

Discuss birth control with a friend in hearing distance of younger folks.

Wear short tight skirts

Put on yoga pants and go shopping in the grocery store.

Put things in random shoppers carts.

So buck…

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