Could Obamacare Die On It’s Own?

Desert Musings

There’s a saying that “As California goes, so goes the nation”. It’s true in a lot of areas. When California adopts a new state law, a lot of times, that law is adopted elsewhere around the country. A lot of trends seem to start in California.

And that’s why Obamacare detractors are hoping that this latest trend is going to spread like wildfire. See, “Covered California”, the Golden State’s nickname for Obamacare, is dying on the vine. 2015 is the year it has to become self-sufficient…and it’s not going to. The state has already extended the deadline to sign up for their insurance twice…and it really hasn’t helped. Most Californians are saying no to healthcare out there. And it could have a devastating impact on Obamacare, both in California and in the rest of the country.

California has already blown through the $1.1 billion it got from Washington DC to…

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