Friday Five #7 – Late Bloomers

Don’t count people out just because they have lived more years than you. They have had the time to learn more about what is important in life. You might want to listen

Fat-Bottom-Fifties Get Fierce

Friday Five at Fat-Bottom-Fifties Get FierceFriday Five is a random assortment of tips, thoughts or ideas. They may be connected, they may not. But they will be brief and leave you either informed, entertained, or with a smile on your face. On a good day we’ll hit all three!

I completely enjoy the first blooms in my garden but I will confess it’s pretty sweet finding a late-blooming tulip that just makes it out before it gets too warm, an exquisite bloom on a rose bush that I thought was done for the season, or another green pepper that was hiding under a leaf that I missed. There’s just something magical about the late bloomers.

Check out this list of 5 late bloomers. I dare you to tell me you are not impressed and even motivated to ‘keep on keeping on’.

Sister Marian_Duo1)      Sister Marian Irvine – 47 overweight and a smoker. She took up (or should I say…

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