People We Are Meant To Meet

I think the universe puts certain people in your path. With social media it has expanded that pool and has made us a better society and also worse in some ways. Either way we are touched and changed by others some for the good and some for the bad. I have met some people on social media I may never meet in the real world but have become dear to me. I have met some that I wish I never stumbled upon. With almost a billion people on Facebook alone it is inevitable you meet both. I use it and move on. Great post.

A Momma's View

warmth8You meet a lot of great people throughout your life. You also meet a lot of idiots. People you would have rather not met. So what do we make of this? Do we struggle with the fact that we’ve encountered an idiot, someone who has maybe hurt us or who has ‘taken something from us’? Maybe… it might make us mad for a while, we might struggle with the idea but in the end we should focus on what we can actually gain from this encounter.

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