Lost and Confused

Alzheimers is a thief in the night that comes in and removes a soul. I hate it.

Me - Who am I?


It’s a beautiful cool day, so I’ve kept all the doors open to bring in the fresh air. Earlier while in the back of the house, I heard the doorbell ring. Quickly, I walked around the corner to see who it was.

One of the elderly ladies, Martha, from down the block was standing outside my screen door with her dog leash in one hand and a sweater hanging from a hanger in the other.

“Are you the one who let me borrow this?” she asked. “No ma’am. It wasn’t me.” Confused, she began looking around. “Who could it have been then?” During a cold day last week, someone had seen her out walking her dog without a jacket on. So they ran inside their home and brought her one. Now she was trying to return it.

I love our neighbors.

After she told me her story, I started to…

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