A funny old world

alice tea party

It’s a funny old world isn’t it? We live life never knowing who will show up for the party? Will they be supportive and kind and fun or pull us down because of their angers and turbulence? Sometimes it is best just to sip your tea slowly and listen. There are lessons to be learned from everyone we meet in life. The stinkers teach us patience and tolerance the kind ones teach us kindness, the special ones teach us love, some of the idiots teach us that it just ain’t worth the effort to bother with them.

Where do they come from? With all the billions of people that populate this planet why do certain ones pop up in our lives? Perhaps it is the universe showing us what we can be or a god or goddess that needs a good laugh. Who knows?

Whatever the reason we can learn from all of them. Instead of hating someone perhaps looking at their point of view would help. Too many times we force our preconceived ideas on the face of a stranger never really getting to know them. Our intolerances and prejudices get in the way of seeing them for what they are. There are others that we immediately like and become friends quickly never realizing that they are not what they seem. Both of these are sad situations because in the end we find out the truth and it can be tragic.

So next time you meet a stranger take a minute to listen and see who they truly are instead of making up your mind on face value. A lot can be gained. You might just meet a special person that will be a treasure in your life. So pull up a chair would you like some tea? Pay no attention to the man in the hat. He is mad you know.


With a nod to my friend and fellow blogger!


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