Why bother? Sounds like he is manipulating you. Don’t make him a star.

Blackbird's Nest

Some stuff and some things continue to pop up on my reader and, even if not immediately, eventually I end up reading them. For everything that’s been said and done I have learned that some people can’t be reasoned with, but it’s pretty damn hard to not get involved, I tell you. ^.-

That said, this post is actually not about that, or blogging or social media or any other piece of pointless drama, but about someone who was actually significant in my life at one point, someone who still somewhat rattles me, despite my best efforts. His latest rattlings left me awake most of the night feeling sick to my stomach. It was good, because I used that time to write and it was productive, but it was terrible because in no way was I supposed to lose any sleep over him anymore.

Yeah, basically this.

What I didn’t…

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