I write so my head won’t explode.

I like that title and can completely agree. Today a very dear friend with a serious health issue is recovering and on drugs to help the pain. I miss her terribly. It makes me wonder what I would do without her and some other people that I am close to were no longer here. It pushed me into a depression. I am lucky I can fight back. With a bipolar mother I am terrified of depression and fight it off. Sometimes it serves a purpose. It slows us down makes us think. It also makes your head feel like it will explode at times. Writing does help that.

Lucky Otters Haven


Alaina, a frequent commenter on this blog, said she almost named her blog “I Write So My Head Won’t Explode” but decided it was too stupid to be a blog name.

I think it’s great. So great I decided to write an article with that name. It’s great because it’s the truth. If I didn’t have this blog and wasn’t able to write every day about the good, the bad, and the ugly, I think I would have gone insane by now.

Writers are by nature people with issues. We have mental problems. That’s why we write. If we didn’t write, we’d be drinking, drugging, sleeping all day or stuffing our faces with junk food, or engaging in any number of other unhealthy and self-destructive activities. I know I did until I started writing.

If you can write, you are blessed. If you enjoy and are good at any creative…

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