The Bitter Trolls living under the internet come up to the Surface

Oh please don’t forget the Facebook trolls with no lives other than disrupting those that have them.

Ben's Bitter Blog

This is my communitA community of Bitter People. 

I am a huge fan of Community. Not the people in my community, or going to community events or community gatherings.  That requires people skills and being a grown up, both skills which I choose not to have.  I’m talking about the former NBC show that was so highly rated that it became a Yahoo Screen show (yes, you know the Yahoo equivalent Netflix or Hulu, except no one has heard of it).  The show that is about people that are so sarcastic and bitter that only the elite bitter among us get it.  Jeff Winger is the like the richer, more handsome, funnier, smarter version of me. He cares not what you think and just wants people to leave him alone.

Other than Jeff, my favorite character is Troy Barnes, the other half of the best friend combo of Troy and Abed.  He is…

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