Desperate times call for desperate measures….



“Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.”

~~ The Beatles ~~

Belfast 011

White’s Tavern ~~ Belfast, Northern Ireland

~~ Est. 1630 A.D. ~~

Boy, it would sure be nice to be in White’s Tavern, sipping a pint of pilsner or ale, with perhaps some bangers & mash for lunch…. ‘Twould be much simpler, and more comfortably lucrative, than sitting here trying to plumb the empty depths of my mind for a new intro section technique, or method, or template, or ANYFUCKINGTHING that would help to get this done each morning, without my having to go through this bullshit…. Grrrr!

Oh, well, such is life in the blog world. Now I’ve vented, we can get on with this….. I’m not going to fuss around with it today; this paragraph is the last you’ll see in this section, guaranteed. I’ll make that so if I have to hijack the…

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