Cyber Bullying – The Pot Calling The Kettle Black

I think you said it perfectly and I am not giving this other person the attention they crave. Bloggers attack other bloggers out of jealousy or a lack of their own talent. I find it really distasteful. People need to grow up. Word Press was not set up as a place for bitch fights. Most of the rest of us find them tiresome in the extreme. Maybe if this person put in half the time Jason OM does in his blog he wouldn’t have time to go after other bloggers. As for his reasons honestly I could care less. I read Jason because he is amusing and makes me think not because I want to increase his following. He is also very generous with the rest of us bloggers by sharing his following with us for our work. Please can this stop now? Nobody cares. I stopped following this blogger because I read people for content not venom.

The Hillbilly Blogger

I wrote this in response to this post. I thought it sounded pretty good so I wanted to share it with you all.

Jealous much? I admit, I don’t know you and I have never read anything you have written except for this post, which is actually laughable. Am I here to defend Jason? Nope. He’s a big boy and he can defend himself. The reason I am commenting is because I think this post is ludicrous, mainly because all the shit that went down with that dude from the wine site was, in blog years, a long time ago. Let it go, get a life and write posts that people may actually be interested in reading.

I also find it hypocritical of you to use his name and blog to garner readers, knowing full well that he has an enormous following. You figure that if you start a blog…

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  1. ally1lakeside · April 23, 2015

    I think there are too many sad individuals around who need to stop interfering in other people’s lives and get their own houses in order. Jason puts many hours into his blogs as does Galesmind and people who are jealous of their success like to cause trouble. They are immature, jealous idiots who need to get a life. Having been victim of a cyberbully for 2 years I understand how that feels and until I became a regular on WordPress I never realised how many victims there were.


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