A Big Milestone for me and my piddly Blog!

I am still creeping up to it!! Congratulations!!

more than just a country boi


My Piddly little Blog has reached 500 Followers !! wow! just wow! … I am very humbled.

When I first started this blog I honestly didn’t expect anyone to read it or like it because I am not a writer, I don’t write books or poetry, I just blog about life and occasionally fire off a rant about something, or sometimes get on my soap box about whatever subject is sticking in my craw  , social injustice, etc.

I am truly honored and humbled that you all have decided to follow my blog and I want you all to know that I value each and everyone of you as individuals and as a group , your time spent reading my often long posts, and for your support that each of you have given me as I work through my grief.

I have had the honor of interacting with most of…

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