Ah yes I remember it well.



The controversy surrounding Steven Tyler’s zany Pop Art pants at the AMC Awards last night is slowly fading.  What I’m about to say has nothing to do with garments of any kind.  It’s more about zany behavior.

Some kids in elementary school had weird habits.  They grew into productive citizens in spite of them.  Like little beavers, some chewed on their #2 pencils; Consumed rubber erasers; Ate white library paste.  The metal piece that held the eraser was also chewed.  Kids in my day must have had strong teeth.  I haven’t a clue as to what these forages into the dietary unknown were all about.

Sucking and chewing on business ends of ball point pens made for blue or black tongues.  It never worked for getting out of class.  I confess to doing some of these things.  None of this warrants media coverage.  Neither Jerry Springer, nor Dr. Phil would be…

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